cara-001 "opuesto crew T-SHIRT" ---sold out---

cara-002 "opuesto crew T-SHIRT" ---sold out---

cara-003 "opuesto 3rd anniversary limited T-SHIRT" ---sold out---

cara-004 "PAX. . . limited T-SHIRT" ---sold out---

cara-006 "merck graffiti very limited T-SHIRT"

cara-005 "RBPS LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT" ---sold out---

cara-007 "merck vs opuesto limited T-SHIRTS "

"5th anniversary1 T-SHIRT"
---sold out---

cara-009 "5th anniversary2 T-SHIRT"
---sold out---

cara-010 "5th anniversary. short sleeve sweat very limited edition" ---sold out---

"mess age T-SHIRT"

cara-012 "terror rhythm T-SHIRT"

cara-013 "u.g.t.t. T-SHIRT"---sold out---

cara-014 "mess age<Lady's> T-SHIRT" ---sold out---

"terror rhythm<Lady's> T-SHIRT"
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"u.g.t.t.<Lady's> T-SHIRT"
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cara-017 "7th color sp limited edition"

cara-018 "7th color limited edition"

<Live mix>

medios-001"seek a place where one can live in peace" Livemixed by Nue x Koen Twi

medios-002"CITY OF DUB" Livemixed by DJ NESSILL


encontrar-001"Back to basic" Livemixed by NUE

"Blue Plum Session Vol.1" Livemixed by V.A

encontrar-003 "One day" Livemixed by DJ HIDE ---sold out---

encontrar-004 "Back 2 Back" Livemixed by DJ NESSILL+SEAP

encontrar-005 "Haptic sound " Livemixed by donu feat. koen twi

encontrar-006"Sense of distrust" Livemixed by NUE+DJ HIRANO

"Spiritual comfort" Livemixed by DJ HIRANO

"dp1 5th anniversary limited edition" Livemixed by DJ HIRANO

encontrar-009"karuna" Livemixed by Plastic Echo

encontrar-010 "Blue Plum Session Vol.3" Livemixed by DJ Koen Twi, Katsunori Tatenuma, DJ T.Barow ---sold out---

opuesto-001"in the early spring"(onsa limited edition) Livemixed by tate+nue ---sold out---

opuesto-002 "spring echo"(hotwax limited edition) Livemixed by nue+tate+koen ---sold out---

" o.s.t i break for sunsets"(m3 limited edition) Livemixed by koen+tate ---sold out---

"an arrow picture" Livemixed by nue+tate ---sold out---

"bicycle spring session" Livemixed by v.a ---sold out---

"naive painting" Livemixed by koen+file538 ---sold out---

"60min's live at framauro" mixed by orga ---sold out---

"o.s.t million dollar hotel" Llivemixed by nue ---sold out---

opuesto-009 "turn off the materials" Livemixed by file538+tate ---sold out---

opuesto-009.5 "urbicide" Livemixed by nue ---sold out---

opuesto-09.6 "bicycle autumn session" Livemixed by soill+tate ---sold out---

opuesto-010,010.5 "the central nerve is dead" Livemixed by nue

"o.s.t on september 11th, the world started to change" Livemixed by koen twi

"frag" Livemixed by koen twi+file538 ---sold out---

opuesto-013 " innerrim s.102" Livemixed by soill

"the road to red line" Livemixed by nue

"psycho appachi" Livemixed by nessill ---sold out---

"light in the darkness" Livemixed by sakon+file538, koen twi (opuesto-016.5 ---sold out---)

opuesto-017 "comprehensive layout" conflict(original tracks), Livemixed by nue+tate ---selling finished---

opuesto-018,018.5 " air raid" Llivemixed by tate(opuesto-018.5 ---sold out---)

"残月〜aesthetics of pain" Llivemixed by sakon

"blue plum sessions vol.1" Livemixed by DJ T.Barow, Koen Twi, Tate, Nue ---sold out---

opuesto-021,021.5 "roop soundmind s.102" Livemixed &Original track written by soill (opuesto-021.5 ---sold out---)

opuesto-022 "O.S.T veintiuno" Livemixed by Koen Twi (cd-r limited)

opuesto-023 "Blue Plum Session Vol.2" Livemixed by DJ T.Barow, Koen Twi, Tate, Nue (cd-r limited)

opuesto-024 "THE FOUNTAINHEAD OF A MUDDY STREAM" Livemixed by SIN (from NUE) (cd-r limited---selling finished---)

opuesto-025 "ALTERNATIVE" Livemixed by nessill (cd-r limited)

opuesto-026 "050225" Livemixed by OPUESTO (cd-r limited)

opuesto-027 "THE 3RD ANNIVERSARY" Livemixed by OPUESTO (NOT FOR SALE/PROMOTION ONLY) (cd-r limited)

opuesto-028 "Blue Plum Session Vol.3" Livemixed by DJ Koen Twi, Katsunori Tatenuma, DJ T.Barow (cd-r limited)

opuesto-029 / mcdr-010 "flat visit" muffrare(original tracks), Livemixed by opuesto (cd-r limited)

opuesto-030 "burning smell" Livemixed by SEAP (cd-r limited)

opuesto-031 "RBPS(HMV LIMITED EDITION)" Livemixed by NUE+SEAP+SK-9 (cd-r limited)

※ Livemix means one take live recording without any computer editing. That's one recording style of opuesto.